Kicking off our new Meet the Team series where you can put faces to the names and specialisms of our people is Russell Westerman, our Technical Manager. (No pressure!). He’s been with us for over 15 years, so it’s safe to say he knows a lot about our operations and ethos. But what don’t we know about our employee that describes himself in three words as ‘gets things working’? Find out below!

What does being the Technical Manager involve?

My role in the business is varied, working with:

Production – to maintain machinery, train machine operatives, advise on technical issues, and basically keep the machines running!

Sales – training the team in product knowledge, advising on box styles and designs, and designing packaging solutions around customers’ needs. That’s from making their packaging more sustainable, i.e. eradicating plastic, polystyrene, bubble wrap, foam etc, or helping them achieve/maintain efficient processes when packaging their products.

Design – ensuring the designs I create are suitable for our machines and that the print designs are suitable to achieve the best result for our print process, ensuring our processes remain efficient.

I’m also responsible for site maintenance and security and am also a member of the Health & Safety Committee.

What’s been the most useful lessen you’ve learned since joining the Greyhound Box team?

Attention to detail is key.

What did you want to grow up to be?

Helicopter pilot (wasn’t smart enough back then!).

Did you go to college or university and if so, what’s the impact been on your role at Greyhound Box?

I studied Management at College, starting at Level 2 and working my way up to Diploma. It wasn’t until I came to Greyhound Box that I became a manager, and I’ve since undertaken a degree in Business Management which has definitely impacted my role.

What’s the coolest thing you’re working on right now?

I’m lucky enough to work on most of the cool projects here – I have recently finished a project for vertical farming and am currently working on a project to replace foam inserts with more sustainable corrugated fitments. I am also working on lots of internal projects to improve processes, such as additions to machines and modifications to areas of the site.

What’s been your most memorable moment of working at Greyhound Box to date?

Too many to mention… Employee of the Year, Employee of the Quarter, completing my degree, and finally, hopefully becoming a Chartered Manager in the next few weeks!

We’ve got to ask – what’s your favourite Greyhound Box packaging solution or product?!

Working on different designs, it’s hard to choose! I think it would be the box & fitment I redesigned for Silver Cross Prams (The Handle Box). It was a redesign of a product that had been designed several years earlier which wasn’t a nice product for us to make and didn’t really look very good when in use. I changed it to a product that was very simple for us to produce and showed off the customer’s product perfectly inside the box.

Which of Greyhound Box’s values mean the most to you, and why?

I think all 4 of them equally!  All the values are lived and breathed daily by everyone, and they all impact me both personally and in my role, doing what I do.

What does ‘sustainability’ mean to you?

It means I’m kept busy… designing products to eradicate plastics!

How are you actively trying to limit your personal impact on the environment?

The winter just past, I turned my heating down 3 degrees from 21° to 18°, which aside from impacting my bills considerably, also impacted the environment by using less energy. I also ensure I always recycle where possible, and something I haven’t done yet, but I am seriously considering, is switching from plastic food bags for carrying my lunch to re-usable containers.

What’s something you’re super proud of?

Completing my degree.

Leave us with your best joke!

Knock Knock

Who’s there?


Nobody who?

… 😉

We’re still scratching our heads, Russell!

Who’s going to be next on the receiving end of such hard-hitting questions? Check back to find out!