Greyhound Box Limited: Management Policy

Greyhound Box Ltd is committed to providing a quality and environmental culture and safe and healthy working conditions for the benefit of its staff, customers and visitors. This commitment is driven by its senior management and is supported by all of our employees in their daily tasks.

We have developed and implemented, maintain and improve an Integrated Management System compliant with all the requirements as set by ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO 45001 incorporating all legal and regulatory requirements of the United Kingdom. All other requirements that might pertain are also complied with and our external advisors assist in ensuring that our systems are compliant.

We continually seek to improve our systems and processes to the benefit of our employees by ensuring quality, environmental and health & safety objectives are achieved.

We ensure our systems are monitored by the way of external and internal audits, management review meetings minutes of which are available, root cause analysis and correction of any fault, deficiency, customer complaint or audit nonconformity, and thus ensure we, as far as possible, prevent pollution and reduce the negative impact we have on the environment. In pursuit of improvement and our commitment to a safe and healthy workplace, we solicit the options and concerns of our employees through regular contact and by inducing them as members of the improvement committees.

Regular staff training and having a policy of freedom of communication at all levels of the organisation and to the public without compromising any customer-sensitive information is considered essential to achieve the agreed objectives. To this end, the company is committed to Investors in People, SEDEX and working towards FSC Certification.

This policy will be reviewed at each management review.

Louise O’Brien
Managing Director