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Design & Technology

Design & Technology

As the demand for bespoke boxes continues to develop, Greyhounds' attitude to design and Cardboard technology ensures the best packaging solution is tailored precisely to your display, brand and shipping requirements.

You Specify, We Deliver

We manufacture bespoke boxes on-site in our factory to your exact specifications and requirements. The Greyhound design and technology service is packed full of benefits.

We provide you with a highly competitive tailor made packaging product. We provide you with a free design service which also means you get your first prototype box to test FOC. Also, importantly, you are able to maintain the integrity of your package by despatching your valuable products with the best possible shipping protection. We ensure that the intergrity of the packaging solution means it is neither over or under the necessary specifications to get the job done.

Above all, you can depend on the reliability, excellence and experience of Greyhound to produce the packaging you need on time and on cost.

Special Service

At Greyhound Box we have a policy of continuous improvement. We have a continuous investment programme in the latest IT and production technology to create the most efficient design and manufacture of bespoke boxes.

We manage fast turnaround orders speedily and cost effectively. We also provide a highly competitive service for large quantities.

You can be certain that whatever the size, shape or specialist nature of your product, we can protect it. Whether it be standard boxes, die-cut boxes or heavy duty boxes, we will produce a bespoke box that fits your package and your budget!

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