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'How do I Choose the right Box & Packaging partner for my needs?'

Choose a company that are financially sound and that you feel you can work with in partnership. Ethical Packaging means 'Everyone matters' and 'Everyone is important' and Trust has to be built over time. So you need to be able to rely on your packaging suppliers advice in not over specifying what box or packaging solution is required to do the job. A good supplier will find that cost v performance balance and, with integrity, may even recommend a packaging solution outside of their own manufacturing capabilities so that you arrive at the best packaging solution for you. They will be very aware that they need to support you in keeping the costs down, so that you in turn can keep your prices down and compete effectively in your market place. The old adage however still remains though......'The proof of the pudding is always in the eating'! :-)

Note: it is always worth remembering that the cheapest 'price' does not necessarily mean the cheapest supply 'cost'. Ease and Efficiencies of supply throughout the entire packaging supply chain, combined with intelligent packaging design and engineering, as well as 100% reliability and regular effective communication will mean the lowest long term packaging cost for your company.

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