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Box Quality

Our boxes come in various qualities or flute options, which determine how strong a box will be.

A Flute determines the thickness of the cardboard wall of a box, which in turn will determine how much stacking strength a box has - the thicker the wall is, the stronger it will be.  Remember that if the item/s you are wanting to pack will support its/their own weight you will get away with a less strong and therefore cheaper box. (If you are in any doubt ask for a sample first).


B Flute 2.5mm thick approx

B flute

This type of flute will take a medium amount of weight in normal uses.

Typical Uses:

  • Box sizes e.g 14" x 10" x 8" or less
  • Small quantities of clothing
  • Small quantities of Books  

C Flute 4mm thick approx

 C flute

This flute is stronger than B Flute and is more suited for heavier items like a box full of DVD's & Cd's

Typical Uses:

  • Larger quantities of clothing
  • Medium boxes e.g 25" x 20" x 14"
  • Medium quantity of Books
  • Food carrying


BC Double Wall 6.5mm thick approx

BC flute

This is the strongest type of standard Double flute or Double wall. Double wall construction makes for a very strong box - ideal for very heavy items like a box full of books.

Typical Uses:

  • Removal Boxes
  • Larger boxes e.g 30" x 22" x 22"
  • Larger quantities of Books [be careful as the box may become too heavy!]
  • Computer carrying
  • Glassware if properly wrapped

Please Note

These typical uses are stated only as a guide and we accept no liability for any goods being damaged due to misinterpretation.

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