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Box Dimensions

Boxes can be made to any dimensions, and you'll also find various stock sizes of boxes on this site available for purchase for Same day collection or Next Day Delivery.

 We always stick to the following terms when describing box dimensions:

  • Length
  • Width
  • Depth

The Depth is also known as the 'Height' of a box.

All of our Dimensions are referred to in millimetres or mm and are internal measurements.

Dimensions Box Dimensions Preview

We also have a handy preview of what size the box will be once constructed, an example of which is show to the right. The Length in this example is 290mm, the width 128mm and the depth (height) is 105mm. These are internal Dimensions.

This demonstrates what proportions of the finished box will be once constructed for use. You will find this on our Custom Box Calculator and our Commercial Use Box Styles to help you select the right size box.

 You will need Macromedia Flash player 6 or higher to view the preview.

You can download the latest version of Macromedia Flash player from

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