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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I measure a box?

Using a tape measure, measure the internal length, width & height of your box. The length and width are the openings of the box. The height is the distance top to bottom vertically and is sometimes referred to as the depth. (This is usually the distance between the two sets of flaps).  To convert from Inches to mm's mulitply by 25.4 e.g 3 inches is 76mm. To convert from mm's to inches divide by 25.4 e.g 127mm is 5 inches.

What is Single wall Board thickness and what is Doublewall Board thickness?

In its simplest form single wall board is made up of 3 sheets of paper, one is the outside liner, one the inside liner and the third is the flute which is the wavy bit in the middle. Single wall is 2 to 3mm thick  (often referred to in our industry as B or C Flutes).  Doublewall is 5 sheets of paper with 2 flutes or wavy bits in the middle which measure approx 5mm in thickness. (Often referred to in our industry as BC Flute i.e B+C glued together).

What does box join mean?

Some Box styles need to be joined on the seam that runs the height of the box e.g. 0201 style. These can either be joined in the most common and cheapest way which is gluing or alternatively can be stapled (stitched).

Who can manufacture printed boxes?

Yes Greyhound manufacture and print branded boxes in our factory, using a portfolio of machines that gives us the flexibility to produce the style of box you want, the quantity you want, when you want it. Our print offering is Flexo print, digital print, Litho print or screen print.

Is there a minimum Box order quantity?

There is a minimum order quantity - typically 20/25 - as specified on each of our stock items. We can manufacture less than this quantity particularly on large pallet boxes or similar. However, it is worth remembering the more you order and the more we make, the better the price.

Who does boxes Biodegradable, Made from Recycled papers & are they environmentally friendly?

Greyhound does is the short answer to all these questions. Corrugated boxes are the most environmentally friendly packaging products to make and dispose of throughout the packaging industry. After use, cardboard can be recycled back into paper to make more boxes or even in a wore case scenario where they end up in landfill, these quickly biodegrade and break down over a matter of weeks. Rather than harming the ground they actually feed it. This of course is so much better than plastics that are oil based products which take years to break down and also harm the environment. The vast majority of our boxes are made from corrugated board that have used recycled papers and even where virgin Kraft fibres are used from felling trees, we ensure that these papers are sourced from responsible sustainable mills (i.e. for every tree felled for paper 1-3 trees are planted in its place).

Which Box Company is lowering its Carbon Footprint?

Greyhound are always looking at ways we can reduce our carbon footprint and here are just 2 ways we have improved recently 1) All the cardboard waste generated by our factory stays in the UK for recycling back into paper. The vast majority of waste from other box manufacturers is currently being shipped abroad for better prices. 2) Our Distribution site has now been moved to a large unit next door thus eliminating truck movements between both sites.

Who can hand erect my boxes in advance of delivery to me?

Greyhound can. Please indicate you need your boxes hand erected on your enquiry.

Can you also apply tapes to my boxes?

Yes indeed we can.please e-mail us your enquiry. 

Who can make boxes "Just in Time"?

Greyhound can manufacture and supply boxes same/next day if required.

Who holds stocks of standard boxes?

Greyhound hold a large range of boxes in stock, including A4 boxes with various size depths.
See our stock box range.

Who will hold box stocks for me - your customer?

Greyhound offer a 'Stock and Supply' service whereby you order in bulk at a reduced cost, but only receive and pay for the number of boxes called in from that stock.

Does Greyhound deliver?

            Greyhound deliver utilising our own fleet of trucks or using external Carriers.

Who supplies printed boxes?

Greyhound supply either Flexographic, Digital, Screen or Litho printed boxes.

Where can I find Cheap Boxes?

As in all business, you generally get what you pay for. Greyhound are extremely competitive and have expanded year on year for the past few years, in a generally shrinking market. We think that speaks volumes for our competitiveness.

Who does boxes of the right quality?

Greyhound work very hard on providing an excellent quality service and product. We are accredited to ISO 9001:2000 and Environmental ISO14001 and follow strict quality processes.

Will you Design My Packaging Free Of Charge?

Yes Packaging Design is provided Free of Charge by Greyhound on the basis that once designs are complete and samples signed off that orders are then placed with ourselves.

Who Supplies Fanfold?

Greyhound are very large suppliers of this product. Please e-mail us for prices

Do you have somebody who can come and see me, but not give me the hard sell?

Yes. Please use our contact form or e-mail us at to let us have your details and one of our friendly sales staff will call you to make an appointment.

Where can I get boxes fast?

Here at Greyhound we can manufacture bespoke boxes within 24 hours and we have our stock box range.


Where can I get boxes in 24 hours?

Here at Greyhound we can manufacture bespoke boxes within 24 hours or we have our stock box range to supply from.


Where is there a Reliable box supplier in Leeds or Yorkshire?

Here at Greyhound we won’t let you down.


Where can I get digitally printed boxes?

Greyhound manufactures Flexo and digitally printed cartons.


Who can supply me with Pallet boxes or Large Boxes?

Here at Greyhound we can manufacture large pallet boxes at very low prices.


Very Small boxes too?

Yes we at Greyhound have machines that can make very small boxes indeed!

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